About Us

My name is  Kelly Rauch  and I am the owner of Twice.

I have an educational background that includes Architecture, Interior Design and Fine Arts, with an emphasis on painting and printmaking. Combining these trades has allowed me to professionally develop unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and custom wall finishes designed exclusively to fit your space. Our upholsterer and drapery maker are both experienced, accomplished and above all, top notch in their respective trades. Most of all of our products are recycled or upcycled items from our large inventory of antiques and/or vintage furniture. If it is currently something that you own, we'll gladly reinvent it for you to fit today’s design aesthetics. We offer the unique experience of collaborating directly with the client or designer in order to educate and provide the proper guidance necessary for a successful end result.

Our loyal in-house greeters,  Fred and Wilma

are here to serve, protect, and co-pilot all our merchandise deliveries.  

We pride ourselves on our small environmental footprint and use a significant amount of the yearʼs proceeds to benefit animal welfare and environmental causes. To learn more or help support these issues, please visit the following sites:

• The National Resources Defense Council   • The Environmental Defense Fund   • The National Wildlife Federation
• The Ocean Conservancy  • World Wildlife Fund  • Greenpeace  • The National Audubon Society  • PETA

• Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  • The Trust for Public Land  • Defenders of Wildlife 

• Center for Biological Diversity

When you buy from Twice you help support causes that benefit us all...

© 2017 by Kelly Rauch LLC DBA Twice!

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